Our honeymoon options; help us decide

We’re having a dilemma of sorts. Many of you have been abroad on at least one holiday of a lifetime. Those of you, who are married, will have been on a honeymoon. You may not necessarily have been on an overseas holiday but you have gone somewhere, haven’t you? Now, here’s your chance to shine in the blogosphere. Put on your travelling thinking caps and share you expertise with us and others who have similar dilemmas. Continue reading[..]

People to see and places to go

As a modern and progressive couple and in spite of our professional credentials, perhaps that should be, in light of our tradecraft, we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the publication of this post. Our theme here is travel, so invariably there will be readers from around the world landing up on our site. To them, we only want to say; welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the ride. They may have been to several different landmarks and famous cities from around the world, so in light of our shortcomings, which we’ll explain shortly, it would be really swell if they could share with the rest of us some of their inspirational stories of where they’ve been and who they have met. Continue reading[..]

What if we adopted a creature of the wild?

In our first ever post, we briefly shared our experience of looking after a little pet which by default, began to tell a story of its own in regard to getting us ready for parenthood. As we write this post, we don’t yet have those kids. We also shared with you a truly awesome and inspirational story about a young boy who ended up adopting a wildlife creature of his own. This prompted us to our thoughtful question for today; what if we adopted a creature of the wild. So, strictly speaking, our theme on pets is transformed into a sub-theme because there are bigger issues at hand worth noting. Continue reading[..]

How pets help us get ready for parenting

We’re not there yet. But we’re really looking forward to becoming mommies and daddies some day. Past experience as a couple, and previously as single folks, taught us to be patient. We’re also part of the social convention of putting career before starting a family. So, by the time mommy is ready to have her first child, we’ll be ready, and we’ll have all our ducks in a row by that time. Speaking of which, and talking of animals, imagine our surprise when we read this delightful story a few days ago. Continue reading[..]

We really need to get out more

Did we give you the impression that we love being outdoors? Perhaps we should just let you know then. Yes, we absolutely love being outdoors. Trouble is though, if you were one of those near to us and knew us intimately, then you might just tell us to our faces that we were lying. Because, after all, when last did you see us out and about?  Unfortunately for us, we have a rather sad and sorry explanation of an excuse. And to cap it off, it’s not entirely a new and unique one either. Most folks with similar predicaments have used this excuse at some stage of their lives. Continue reading[..]

How we met each other

Well, we didn’t exactly meet each other in the great outdoors, strictly speaking, but when we met we were on similar excursions. That we cemented our future together under the roof – we’re not saying whose – is purely a technicality. As far as we can remember, we were both in the middle of a personal crisis. He was having problems with his work and family situation. She was working just fine then, but was making a slow recovery from a rather abusive relationship of long standing. Continue reading[..]

No matter how much or little we have of it, we’re always having trouble with money

Here, we can honestly say we speak from experience, because when it comes to dealing with money, boy have we had loads of experience. True to say, we also had loads of the money too. This post, themed on the upsetting subject of money, by the way is not written by registered, qualified and certified financial planners who are legally allowed to give you expert advice on how to handle your income, but by two good writers who have only now come to terms with the harsh realities of not listening to wise counsel. Continue reading[..]