Reading up on some great Jack Lalane juices recipes

Hi guys. Today we are going to introduce you to a legend in the world of health and fitness. We had a chat amongst ourselves before proceeding with this blog post and decided that we needed to give you all a heads-up first before introducing you to the commercial world of juicing, cleansing and detoxing. We are proud to say that this moral imperative is something that the great Jack Lalane would be quite proud of. He will be the first to admit that, boy oh boy, has he profited from the hundreds of juicing recipes that you can find on the internet at any time of the day. Continue reading[..]

Good hydration revitalizes body, mind and soul

This has not happened to me for donkey’s ages. In regard to being healthy in body, mind and soul, there’s a lesson here for each and every one of us. Before I proceed with this next article on how good hydration revitalizes the body, mind and soul, let me just tell you what happened. It was an utter lapse of concentration on my part. As I scrolled through my document files I could not figure out what went wrong. Did I save my original article under a different name? Did I forget to save the copy? It seemed that all was now lost. Continue reading[..]

Healthy lifestyle plans kick-started for both young and old

I hope our last note on healthy aspects for both young and old was at least enjoyable, if not inspirational or motivational. I like to believe that I ended it on a high and positive note in the sense that I closed it by talking about children. I was just saying how important it is for children to be taught healthy living and eating habits from the earliest age possible. This important lesson on life is made all the more easier for children if their parents are already living and leading by example. Continue reading[..]

Healthy living aspects for young and old

Perhaps it’s getting to that time of the year, this writer’s thoughts are with both friends and family, especially those who she won’t be seeing by the time the end of year seasonal holidays start. Among those she won’t be seeing are those who never took care of themselves before and died before their time. Her thoughts, this time around are with both young and old. That’s the theme for this series of informational and inspirational articles on how to improve health and fitness, and reduce weight, where necessary. Continue reading[..]

Our honeymoon options; help us decide

We’re having a dilemma of sorts. Many of you have been abroad on at least one holiday of a lifetime. Those of you, who are married, will have been on a honeymoon. You may not necessarily have been on an overseas holiday but you have gone somewhere, haven’t you? Now, here’s your chance to shine in the blogosphere. Put on your travelling thinking caps and share you expertise with us and others who have similar dilemmas. Continue reading[..]

People to see and places to go

As a modern and progressive couple and in spite of our professional credentials, perhaps that should be, in light of our tradecraft, we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the publication of this post. Our theme here is travel, so invariably there will be readers from around the world landing up on our site. To them, we only want to say; welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the ride. They may have been to several different landmarks and famous cities from around the world, so in light of our shortcomings, which we’ll explain shortly, it would be really swell if they could share with the rest of us some of their inspirational stories of where they’ve been and who they have met. Continue reading[..]

What if we adopted a creature of the wild?

In our first ever post, we briefly shared our experience of looking after a little pet which by default, began to tell a story of its own in regard to getting us ready for parenthood. As we write this post, we don’t yet have those kids. We also shared with you a truly awesome and inspirational story about a young boy who ended up adopting a wildlife creature of his own. This prompted us to our thoughtful question for today; what if we adopted a creature of the wild. So, strictly speaking, our theme on pets is transformed into a sub-theme because there are bigger issues at hand worth noting. Continue reading[..]