Reading up on some great Jack Lalane juices recipes

Hi guys. Today we are going to introduce you to a legend in the world of health and fitness. We had a chat amongst ourselves before proceeding with this blog post and decided that we needed to give you all a heads-up first before introducing you to the commercial world of juicing, cleansing and detoxing. We are proud to say that this moral imperative is something that the great Jack Lalane would be quite proud of. He will be the first to admit that, boy oh boy, has he profited from the hundreds of juicing recipes that you can find on the internet at any time of the day.

If you are able to locate any of Lalane’s original juicing recipes, you may find that they are quite dated. That’s not a bad thing because these juicing recipes are inspired by the great man himself. And if he has had a hand in any of them, he has approved them for publication. Before we get ahead of ourselves on some great Jack Lalane juices recipes, we’d like to proceed with what the great man would have done anyhow.

That is to say what you should be doing first and foremost before trying your hand at juicing. On the subject of Jack Lalane and his juicing world, first give yourself a good introduction on the man and his background. While you learn about his methods, you will be inspired to take up his example. You will also notice that he has been quite open and honest about how juicing works when it is utilized into your daily diet correctly. He wants you to live a long and healthy life and appreciates the reminder that we are leaving you with today.

Read as much about Jack Lalane as you can

Go to online encyclopedic sites and get a non-biased and thoroughly informative overview of how one of the world’s greatest fitness gurus started out and what he introduced to the world in terms of exercising methods and dieting regimes.

It may also be worthwhile reading up about former Californian governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, because to our mind, he leaves one of the most qualified impressions on Jack Lalane, having learned a great deal from the gym pioneer when he first started out as a bodybuilder in his native Austria.

Find out why a juicing diet may be necessary

Before even going through any online recipes, whether these are going to be delicious vegetable juice recipes or wholly fruit juice recipes, first find out why it is necessary to juice in the first place. Also learn about the perils of going on a juice fast without a regular protein diet.

There have been far too many incidences of desperate folks not listening to qualified advice on correct methodologies for juicing and detoxing. These folks had never exercised before and were quite overweight. They were also into processed and junk foods before they starved themselves just on fruit and veggie juices. Folks, don’t go there. First learn what you must do first and then learn how to juice the correct way and the Jack Lalane way. Continue reading[..]

Good hydration revitalizes body, mind and soul

This has not happened to me for donkey’s ages. In regard to being healthy in body, mind and soul, there’s a lesson here for each and every one of us. Before I proceed with this next article on how good hydration revitalizes the body, mind and soul, let me just tell you what happened. It was an utter lapse of concentration on my part. As I scrolled through my document files I could not figure out what went wrong. Did I save my original article under a different name? Did I forget to save the copy? It seemed that all was now lost.

Now, while I had spent at least a couple of hours of my previous afternoon composing an insightful and inspirational article on blending the necessity of never forgetting to focus on healthy liquid refreshments with your healthy eating plans, just as I was about ready to publish this article I could no longer find it. Perhaps if you are in similar trades where you have to work with reams of paper, you have had a similar sense of loss. Or perhaps you are a lot more organized or software savvy than I am. Anyway, as I began to start from scratch, I calmly looked on the bright side of silliness and philosophically told myself that all was not lost.

Oh well, and so I calmly proceeded to rewrite the article in question. I refuse to write by rote and now rely on memory, isn’t that ironic, to put down what I originally had in mind. I most certainly still had good juicing habits in mind.  Most of what I wanted to say on that topic was written in the previous article which fortunately was not lost and many of you have perhaps already read. I began by saying that we should take a fun-filled approach when tailoring our daily healthy eating plans by also including a roster on what we should be drinking every day.

First and foremost, our drinking day should never be lost without water. We need to drink water as regularly as possible throughout the day to ensure that our body gets enough of its essential electrolytes that fresh water has. Of course, we mustn’t overdo the drinking of water either. I then went on to address those who still have a habit of skipping those essential water breaks during their working day. I suggested that this could be overcome by always keeping a cool water bottle close by. But I then emphasized just how important it is to get away from the desk for a complete break.

This is the lesson for both me and you. Don’t overdo things at work. Don’t wear yourself out unnecessarily. Make sure that you take regular short breaks during the course of your working day which should always be balanced. The other lesson for me was a bit more reassuring for me. I had to marvel at just how calmly I managed this mini-crisis of losing all my information and having to start my work all over again. As I type this note, I am reminding myself to save all information. Such mishaps cannot happen twice in two days, surely.

To my mind, my calm demeanor could not have been possible if I was not healthy in body, mind and spirit. It would have been quite different for me had I not addressed my personal life just a couple of years ago and implemented my own healthy lifestyle plans, something I’m still improvising and adjusting as I go along with life and adapt to new circumstances not always of my own doing. A lot of what I eat and drink everyday has a say in how I feel each day. Lately, I suppose I was feeling a bit more fatigued than usual. Continue reading[..]

Healthy lifestyle plans kick-started for both young and old

I hope our last note on healthy aspects for both young and old was at least enjoyable, if not inspirational or motivational. I like to believe that I ended it on a high and positive note in the sense that I closed it by talking about children. I was just saying how important it is for children to be taught healthy living and eating habits from the earliest age possible. This important lesson on life is made all the more easier for children if their parents are already living and leading by example.

This short article will now go straight into a plan of action. The healthy lifestyle plans being proposed or inspired here are two-fold because human psychological and physiological requirements will continue to evolve as men and women age, from childhood up to old age. In terms of finding some middle ground towards putting into place a balanced plan that includes all facets of healthy living, from playtime for children to seated calisthenics for the elderly and frail, from eating habits for the child that is obese to the elderly gentleman who has either had a heart attack due to high cholesterol levels or suffered a stroke owing to his irregular and inconsistent eating habits.

On the subject of healthy living aspects, let us start with the children and then end this article with a note for the elderly. From around three years of age, children start to communicate well with their parents and network with their new friends at pre-school level. Around this time it is a good stage at which to start teaching these little children who can now understand words and speech, some basic lessons on healthy eating habits and even lifestyle choices.

It is still the case that many young parents, under pressure with keeping up with work and the need to please their small children, also foist into their hands those things that are utterly bad for their children, just so that they can have a little peace and quiet after a tough day at work. It seems far easier for them to hand over sweets and chocolates and a soda or two than to listen to bratty children wailing for hours on end until their demands are met.

Young parents must learn the art of discipline, not just for the kids but for themselves as well. They must learn to be comfortable with saying no when unreasonable and unacceptable demands are made on them, especially when these demands are coming from their own children.

Cartoon networks are a no-no at breakfast time. Real oats with fruit and even a good juice instead of sugary fruit loops and sweetened milk are a must. Parents and their children should be seated together at the dinner table enjoying good, polite conversation with their wholesome and balanced meals of protein-enriched organic meat and vegetables instead of all rushing through their ill-prepared processed food packs to go and watch TV or do whatever else it is that they would like to occupy themselves with. Continue reading[..]

Healthy living aspects for young and old

Perhaps it’s getting to that time of the year, this writer’s thoughts are with both friends and family, especially those who she won’t be seeing by the time the end of year seasonal holidays start. Among those she won’t be seeing are those who never took care of themselves before and died before their time. Her thoughts, this time around are with both young and old. That’s the theme for this series of informational and inspirational articles on how to improve health and fitness, and reduce weight, where necessary.

In this article and the next few thereafter I’ll be talking about healthy living aspects for the young and the old.  The talk of my town is mostly over food at this time of the year so I’ll be trying to cheer up those who have begun to shudder at their high cholesterol levels due to previous years of festive overeating and everything else in between. I say that it’s not impossible to enjoy a festive life when everything that you eat and drink is absolutely good for your health. I vouch to say that you, both young and old, will end up enjoying life more.

Particularly for this time of the year when an abundance of food, particularly meat, is expected to be consumed and enjoyed, the perception is that when people turn their bodies and souls entirely to healthy eating in order to live entirely healthy lives, they will end up depriving their bodies, souls and minds of their cultural heritage and soul-satisfying rituals. Indeed, it is healthy to perceive that eating is a ritual. If you are able to ritualize your eating practices then you are already on the first rungs towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Sitting in front of the TV at night may be a great pastime for most urban families today but it cannot be regarded as a holistic and healthy ritual. In some religions, the analogy of coming together around the table and breaking bread together is often used. This encourages a community of spirit. Even if you were to entirely remove these sentiments associated with religion, culture and customs, enjoying a meal at the table in the company of others is an utterly healthy experience. In fact, nutritionists and dieticians, as well as health-oriented psychologists, encourage this practice.

Experts encourage people to take their time with their meals, enjoy every morsel that passes from their plate to their mouth. And while eating, they can contemplate the prepared food’s wholesomeness and taste sensations. In the company of others, conversation often ensues. This is encouraged around the dinner table. While in conversation with others, people tend to chew and eat their food a lot more slowly. This is a far cry from rushing off to work in the morning with nary a bite to eat or rushing there and back for takeouts in front of the TV. Continue reading[..]

Our honeymoon options; help us decide

We’re having a dilemma of sorts. Many of you have been abroad on at least one holiday of a lifetime. Those of you, who are married, will have been on a honeymoon. You may not necessarily have been on an overseas holiday but you have gone somewhere, haven’t you? Now, here’s your chance to shine in the blogosphere. Put on your travelling thinking caps and share you expertise with us and others who have similar dilemmas.

Our problem is this; we have so many dream destinations in mind, we just can’t seem to make up our minds in any practical sort of way. Perhaps it’s down to our greed to see it all in one go. Help us, please. We’ve been dreaming, not planning, our honeymoon for years now. And many of our dreams have been shared out aloud. So, by the time we came to this point in our lives when we had to start thinking rationally about the best places to go, we had already penciled in so many different options.

We also began to challenge ourselves. As the classic Thomas Hardy story title goes, we wanted to be far from the madding crowd. We wanted both worlds of idyllic, isolated locations and austere, ancient towns that perhaps even the rest of the world has forgotten about. Let’s see if we get this right, we’ll try and take you on a tour of our world where not too many travelling folks have dared to go.

Let’s start with Colombia and the mad world of drug cartels and the reputation of having some of the world’s highest murder rates. What is not known about this South American nation is that it matches and perhaps even exceeds neighboring and crowded Brazil as the ideal tourist destination. We’ve bypassed North America, even Alaska entirely.

Instead, we thought we’d go to Greenland, visit the local Inuit communities and watch the world’s ice shelves crumble right before our eyes. Then it’s over to Europe, the land of plenty but not for those who are trying to get in. We’re off to Auschwitz. For very good reason, this monument to one of the world’s most horrific genocides remains fairly barren. Continue reading[..]

People to see and places to go

As a modern and progressive couple and in spite of our professional credentials, perhaps that should be, in light of our tradecraft, we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the publication of this post. Our theme here is travel, so invariably there will be readers from around the world landing up on our site. To them, we only want to say; welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the ride. They may have been to several different landmarks and famous cities from around the world, so in light of our shortcomings, which we’ll explain shortly, it would be really swell if they could share with the rest of us some of their inspirational stories of where they’ve been and who they have met.

The challenge we’ve set for ourselves is one of being blatantly honest. The truth of the matter is we’ve never really been anywhere. We hope to go travelling some day, but not now. We’re working extremely hard, but we’re saving up for that great day. In all our travelling honesty, we’re not relying on internet research – very easy to do nowadays if you’re looking for great places to go – to share with you some of our thoughts and dreams of the day we finally get to set sail.

We’re using creative license here, but we won’t be stretching our imaginations too far. We want our dreams to come true. We hope you do too. To talk about sailing then; that’s one thing we’d really love to do. We’d like to take a honeymoon Mediterranean cruise. We’re being rather ambitious with this dream, let us just tell you. Because, here we’re not just thinking of the ever-popular Greek Islands. We’re talking about the entire length and breadth of the pristine Mediterranean Ocean.

Here we’re talking about stopping over along the Spanish south coast, Sardinia and Corsica, the African east coast where we’d love to drop off in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Did you notice that we left a few countries off this chapter of our dream itinerary? Now, what we’re about to say next is said objectively and with the utmost sensitivity. What we’re concerned about right now is the mass exodus of migrants, travelling on makeshift boats and rafts, risking what little are left of their lives, to get across to the European continent and begin their search for a better life.

We ask ourselves this daily; when is it ever going to end. Anyway, while we’re still preoccupied with the African continent, we’d love to pencil in a great safari. Invariably we’ll be visiting the plains of Kenya, Tanzania and the game reserves of South Africa. While still in South Africa, we need to stop over at one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Not for nothing is this city called the mother city and, perhaps even truthfully still, the gateway to Africa. Continue reading[..]

What if we adopted a creature of the wild?

In our first ever post, we briefly shared our experience of looking after a little pet which by default, began to tell a story of its own in regard to getting us ready for parenthood. As we write this post, we don’t yet have those kids. We also shared with you a truly awesome and inspirational story about a young boy who ended up adopting a wildlife creature of his own. This prompted us to our thoughtful question for today; what if we adopted a creature of the wild. So, strictly speaking, our theme on pets is transformed into a sub-theme because there are bigger issues at hand worth noting.

To answer the question straight away; yes it is quite possible that you too could adopt a wild animal of your own. And perhaps that should be another sub-theme for this blog post; the question of adoption itself, not just of wild animals. Most of the world’s wildlife species are located on the continent of Africa. Most of these species are now either threatened with endangerment or extinction. But on this continent alone, thousands of poor children are being abandoned mainly due to extreme levels of poverty. But the lucky ones make it out of this world that, in their innocence, they had no part in creating.

We think these are extreme examples, mainly because there have been controversies surrounding this, but the adoption of young, African children has been highly publicized, for many bad reasons, over the last twenty years or so. In the limelight has been the adoption of children by so-called celebrities such as Madonna and Angelina Jolie. Of course, if done correctly, the adoption experience turns out well for the children. We haven’t followed through on the story just yet, but, standing in the queue at our local supermarket just the other day, we caught a glimpse of a cover story on one of those gossipy magazines you usually find in supermarkets.

It seems as though acclaimed British actress, Emma Thompson, is publicly motivating the adoption of Rwandan children. Now, in light of that country’s gruesome past, we think this is simply marvelous. The question of adopting kids is a subject that we, as a couple, have broached tentatively on a few occasions. This post, it turns out, is becoming a bit more of an historic occasion for us as a couple. We’ve been together for a long time now, and because of past experiences, we’re trying to be as careful as ever when taking the next step in our relationship. Ultimately, we would love to have kids of our own.

Now, this cautious approach of ours does have its ramifications and does cause us to doubt ourselves sometimes. For instance, the harrowing thought of not being able to have kids of our own, has been on our mind. So, now you know, this is us. We’re warming up to the idea of adopting children in the event that we’re not able to produce our children naturally as a couple. Now that it’s all off our chest, let’s return to the wild, if you will. Like real kids, you can adopt a wildlife creature of your own. But not technically, of course. Here’s why and here’s how it can be done.

Strictly speaking, you can’t bring a lion cub, shipped across the ocean, into your home. While the lion will quickly get used to you, he will grow up. He won’t be a happy chap because even if you have him snipped at the vet (which you won’t be allowed to do anyway), he’ll still be unhappy because he’ll never be able to roam about in the fields, just as he was naturally created to do. And even if you let him out through the front door, with only the neighborhood streets to walk about in, not only will the poor creature be captured, if he’s lucky, you might end up in jail for your illicit adoption.

The practical alternative may be a little sad, particularly for those who love the dear creatures. Because even though you’ve formally adopted your wild child, you’re not likely to ever see him again. That is, unless, of course, you happen to be living within driving distance of a game reserve. Today, there are dozens of accredited non-governmental organizations and animal rights movements across the world, campaigning and working towards not just saving the creatures, but also helping them to thrive once more as they should. Of course, none of these organizations can be run effectively without the necessary resources. Continue reading[..]