Hello world! We’re very excited to be talking to you for the first time as a couple. This blog is personal because it shares with you many of our daily experiences, mainly as a couple, over the last few years. As a fun-filled couple, not necessarily living life to the extreme, that is; dangerously and irresponsibly, we like to share thoughts and experiences that reflect upon the lighter and funnier side of our lives together.

But, while we’re always willing to try new things out, we believe in living up to our responsibilities. And to date, we can honestly say that we’ve done our best so far, although, as you will know, we also make mistakes. We are, after all, also human. We will, in all probability, be talking about some of those dark days. Now, just because we said that our blog is personal, does not mean that you’ll have access to all our hidden secrets and mores. We think that would be pushing things a little too far.

There are websites and other blogs for you to go to for that sort of thing. Anyway, we’re serious about life too, so, going forward we’ll be sharing thoughts and ideas on how to make improvements in our daily lives, ‘our’ referring not just to us, but to you too. We’re an engaging couple too, if you pardon our unintended pun. So, at all times, we’d like to read your thoughts and views on what we’ve been chatting about. Understandably, if you are one of those who simply don’t have time to write – thank you for reading our posts, by the way – you can simply give us a thumbs up or star rating, just like those movie reviewers do elsewhere.

We’re a sensitive couple, so we’re not immune to criticism either. You’ll be more than welcome to give us a frown every now and then, although, it must be said, we hope this won’t be a regular habit. But then again, we value and respect all of you out there, no matter how different you are (from us) in terms of religion, culture, race, or social and economic class. That being said, we may as well tell you that we do not believe in making such distinctions, even though we are quite proud of our heritage and are essentially a spiritual bunch.

But, sadly, this is the world we live in. So, you might agree (or disagree) that it is necessary to make distinctions in order to better explain a point of view. But, as practiced writers, we’re happy to tell you that this won’t be a regular habit. If you are also writers, we’ like to recommend to you that you practice this technique of neutrality – not sitting on the fence, there’s a big difference – and the embracement of our (yours too, by the way) cultural diversity.

Perhaps now will be a good time to tell you about our hopes and aspirations in any form and what we do with ourselves all day and every day. Well, for one thing, we are both avid and regular writers. Husband writes and works professionally as a content curator and copywriter for an advertising agency down town. To make ends meet and help us save for our dream home, he’s also freelancing for folks just like you from around the world.

And when he has the time – which is rare, by the way – he’s scribbling up poems, writing short stories, and working on his version of the great American novel. Not because it’s expected of her, wife loves to cook and she also likes to keep a tight ship at home. She’s an avid gardener and is currently developing her own organic fruit and vegetable garden. As you well know, both partners have to be breadwinners. So, in the case of this (unconventional) couple, things are no different here.

Wife here works in the financial services industry on matters related to planning finances and insuring your home. These days, she’s a communications consultant, so writes on behalf of certified financial planners and registered insurance underwriters.