Healthy lifestyle plans kick-started for both young and old

Healthy lifestyle plans kick-started for both young and old

I hope our last note on healthy aspects for both young and old was at least enjoyable, if not inspirational or motivational. I like to believe that I ended it on a high and positive note in the sense that I closed it by talking about children. I was just saying how important it is for children to be taught healthy living and eating habits from the earliest age possible. This important lesson on life is made all the more easier for children if their parents are already living and leading by example.

This short article will now go straight into a plan of action. The healthy lifestyle plans being proposed or inspired here are two-fold because human psychological and physiological requirements will continue to evolve as men and women age, from childhood up to old age. In terms of finding some middle ground towards putting into place a balanced plan that includes all facets of healthy living, from playtime for children to seated calisthenics for the elderly and frail, from eating habits for the child that is obese to the elderly gentleman who has either had a heart attack due to high cholesterol levels or suffered a stroke owing to his irregular and inconsistent eating habits.

On the subject of healthy living aspects, let us start with the children and then end this article with a note for the elderly. From around three years of age, children start to communicate well with their parents and network with their new friends at pre-school level. Around this time it is a good stage at which to start teaching these little children who can now understand words and speech, some basic lessons on healthy eating habits and even lifestyle choices.

It is still the case that many young parents, under pressure with keeping up with work and the need to please their small children, also foist into their hands those things that are utterly bad for their children, just so that they can have a little peace and quiet after a tough day at work. It seems far easier for them to hand over sweets and chocolates and a soda or two than to listen to bratty children wailing for hours on end until their demands are met.

Young parents must learn the art of discipline, not just for the kids but for themselves as well. They must learn to be comfortable with saying no when unreasonable and unacceptable demands are made on them, especially when these demands are coming from their own children.

Cartoon networks are a no-no at breakfast time. Real oats with fruit and even a good juice instead of sugary fruit loops and sweetened milk are a must. Parents and their children should be seated together at the dinner table enjoying good, polite conversation with their wholesome and balanced meals of protein-enriched organic meat and vegetables instead of all rushing through their ill-prepared processed food packs to go and watch TV or do whatever else it is that they would like to occupy themselves with.

As I said, adults need to lead by good example. It rubs off on the children as they grow older. Good eating and living habits picked up from the parents will subconsciously be carried through to children once they are adults as well.

The frail and elderly should not be excused from healthy eating and living once they’ve landed in wheelchairs or even become bedridden due to illness or sheer old age. Had they carried on with healthy habits throughout their lives, the practice to live physically active lives alongside eating well would have never been diminished.

The mind is kept busy and a lust for life prevails. By the time they are too frail to move about normally, others should encourage them to be as active as is reasonably possible in both body and mind.