Our honeymoon options; help us decide

We’re having a dilemma of sorts. Many of you have been abroad on at least one holiday of a lifetime. Those of you, who are married, will have been on a honeymoon. You may not necessarily have been on an overseas holiday but you have gone somewhere, haven’t you? Now, here’s your chance to shine in the blogosphere. Put on your travelling thinking caps and share you expertise with us and others who have similar dilemmas.

Our problem is this; we have so many dream destinations in mind, we just can’t seem to make up our minds in any practical sort of way. Perhaps it’s down to our greed to see it all in one go. Help us, please. We’ve been dreaming, not planning, our honeymoon for years now. And many of our dreams have been shared out aloud. So, by the time we came to this point in our lives when we had to start thinking rationally about the best places to go, we had already penciled in so many different options.

We also began to challenge ourselves. As the classic Thomas Hardy story title goes, we wanted to be far from the madding crowd. We wanted both worlds of idyllic, isolated locations and austere, ancient towns that perhaps even the rest of the world has forgotten about. Let’s see if we get this right, we’ll try and take you on a tour of our world where not too many travelling folks have dared to go.

Let’s start with Colombia and the mad world of drug cartels and the reputation of having some of the world’s highest murder rates. What is not known about this South American nation is that it matches and perhaps even exceeds neighboring and crowded Brazil as the ideal tourist destination. We’ve bypassed North America, even Alaska entirely.

Instead, we thought we’d go to Greenland, visit the local Inuit communities and watch the world’s ice shelves crumble right before our eyes. Then it’s over to Europe, the land of plenty but not for those who are trying to get in. We’re off to Auschwitz. For very good reason, this monument to one of the world’s most horrific genocides remains fairly barren.

Too unsettling as a tourist destination, it’s been said. Speaking of genocides, our choice of destination in Africa is Rwanda. This country is on the move and long may its healing and reconciliatory efforts continue. We want to learn from these folks just how they do it. Another country that’s on the verge, if you will, is the tiny Southeast Asian kingdoms which make up Myanmar, still known as Burma to those who still stubbornly hark back to colonial days.

Speaking of which, we also want to make a detour back to Africa. We want to visit the memorial of one of the world’s most brutal colonialists. Legend has it that he was on the verge of a change of heart. But his poor heart inevitably put a stop to him placing Africa on another course. Back to Asia. This time around we’re off to Mongolia and Tibet.

We’d like to know just why Communist China refuses to allow these two ancient nations their independence in this twenty-first century universe. Now, we’ve barely touched the surface of places we’d like to visit as the consummate honeymoon couple. Perhaps what we’ve said so far is more than enough for you to digest for now.