People to see and places to go

People to see and places to go

As a modern and progressive couple and in spite of our professional credentials, perhaps that should be, in light of our tradecraft, we’ve set ourselves a bit of a challenge for the publication of this post. Our theme here is travel, so invariably there will be readers from around the world landing up on our site. To them, we only want to say; welcome aboard and hope you enjoy the ride. They may have been to several different landmarks and famous cities from around the world, so in light of our shortcomings, which we’ll explain shortly, it would be really swell if they could share with the rest of us some of their inspirational stories of where they’ve been and who they have met.

The challenge we’ve set for ourselves is one of being blatantly honest. The truth of the matter is we’ve never really been anywhere. We hope to go travelling some day, but not now. We’re working extremely hard, but we’re saving up for that great day. In all our travelling honesty, we’re not relying on internet research – very easy to do nowadays if you’re looking for great places to go – to share with you some of our thoughts and dreams of the day we finally get to set sail.

We’re using creative license here, but we won’t be stretching our imaginations too far. We want our dreams to come true. We hope you do too. To talk about sailing then; that’s one thing we’d really love to do. We’d like to take a honeymoon Mediterranean cruise. We’re being rather ambitious with this dream, let us just tell you. Because, here we’re not just thinking of the ever-popular Greek Islands. We’re talking about the entire length and breadth of the pristine Mediterranean Ocean.

Here we’re talking about stopping over along the Spanish south coast, Sardinia and Corsica, the African east coast where we’d love to drop off in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt. Did you notice that we left a few countries off this chapter of our dream itinerary? Now, what we’re about to say next is said objectively and with the utmost sensitivity. What we’re concerned about right now is the mass exodus of migrants, travelling on makeshift boats and rafts, risking what little are left of their lives, to get across to the European continent and begin their search for a better life.

We ask ourselves this daily; when is it ever going to end. Anyway, while we’re still preoccupied with the African continent, we’d love to pencil in a great safari. Invariably we’ll be visiting the plains of Kenya, Tanzania and the game reserves of South Africa. While still in South Africa, we need to stop over at one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Not for nothing is this city called the mother city and, perhaps even truthfully still, the gateway to Africa.

We’re talking about Cape Town, folks. And before we leave the continent, we’d like to head both east and west. On the east coast, there’s the beautiful Mauritius which is quite literally earning a reputation as the Singapore of Africa. Another African country making cultural and economic progress is Namibia. Here, we’d like to explore their legendary sand-dunes and wander along their long stretches of tranquil, mist-filled coastlines. Before we say good-bye to Africa, we have another concern which we need to get off of our chests.

The plight of most wildlife species across Africa and in many other parts of the world is pretty dire. And in spite of many good efforts to rescue them, the lives of animals are still pretty much hanging in the balance. It all seems hopeless. And even if there was no poaching and cruelty being meted out to animals, the growth of the human population is putting a lot of pressure on these animals’ original living spaces. It’s like they are being pushed into a corner.

We wonder if on our travels to India we’ll ever get to see the great Bengal tiger out in the wild. We know that we will be seeing plenty of elephants in captivity and under the yoke of those who have captured them. We’ll also be seeing plenty of stubborn white cows holding up traffic. Curiously and ironically, they are a deity and remain untouchable to humans. We must see North America. We’re very excited about visiting that continent’s great nature reserves, but remain saddened at how callously some hunters over there are slaughtering the great brown and black bears.

Europe is a small continent, mostly urbanized now, but retains a lot of its ancient old world charm. Another attraction, thanks to generations of migration, is that many of the cities there are inherently multicultural, a way of life that has great appeal to us.