522 Lady

McCrory Construction, a 25-year mainstay on a busy, six-lane divided downtown thoroughfare, decided the time was right to move operations for the growing construction company. The location selected — just blocks away in an historic riverside district — held a nondescript brick warehouse, which had been modified over nearly 90 years to suit many different uses. McCrory planned to salvage the few remaining historic materials and characteristics and reimagine them within a modern, efficient building.

"We’re pleased our new office enhances the city’s modern skyline while still honoring the building’s nearly 100-year history."

President and CEO

During the extensive and fast-paced renovation, McCrory re-established original door locations and removed additions, while creating an appealing contemporary entry. With all four sides visible from public rights of way, the building now includes well-appointed office space for McCrory and two tenants, plus a shared third-floor conference room and rooftop terrace. The energy-efficient building successfully recaptured the historical character of the warehouse and turned an aging eyesore into a commercial showplace.

  • 29,829-square-foot renovation
  • Adaptive reuse of 1926 warehouse
  • Non-historic additions, brick and windows removed
  • Six historic skylights retained
  • Utilized state and local tax credits